2015 Spring & Summer Family Photo Fashion | Roseville, California

Wondering how to coordinate outfits for your upcoming family portrait?  We can think of one simple way to accomplish the task…

First, pick two main colors that you can sprinkle throughout everyone’s outfits. You can go soft with a combo like peach and mint:


Or go bold with a pairing like turquoise and mustard yellow:


Then add in neutrals like gray, cream, white or even denim to break up the pops of color and add depth to your look.  You might also want to add some pattern for interest.  The pattern can contain your main 2 colors or it can be neutral like a black & white checkered top or dress.

The next important element is accessories.  Be bold and fearless when it comes to your jewelry, shoes, scarves , belts and even hats.  Nail polish could also be considered an important accessory. The bottom line is that accessories add important depth and texture to your photos that makes them interesting to look at and more personalized for you.

Here are a couple examples of family looks brought together using the principles above:

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If you find it nearly impossible to get your husband to dress in a fashion forward way, just make sure he doesn’t wear a t-shirt, anything with a logo, or tennis shoes.  As long as he stays away from these fashion mishaps, your photos will turn out just fine.

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