3 reasons why you should definitely be in photos with your kids

You’ve gained a few pounds and really don’t want to be in front of the camera right now.  Or, you just got a bad haircut or your hair color isn’t right.  Or, you don’t have anything to wear.  Or, this is about the kids, it’s not for me.  I get it.  The kids come first and it’s easy to forget about your needs, your importance in this world and even your importance to your children.  But, let’s just take a second and set aside all these very valid reasons for not wanting to be a part of your upcoming photo shoot and discuss the many reasons why it would be a fabulous idea for you to be in at least some photos with your kids.

1.  You will never ever regret having a beautiful photo of yourself with your precious child(ren).  Ever.  I can’t tell you how many times I have forced parents into taking a couple shots with their kids only to have them thank me just a few weeks later when they come in to order their photos.  I think it is absolutely worth jumping in for a few photos just to see what we can get, even if you aren’t prepared or are dead set against being in pictures right now.  If you hate them, you don’t have to buy them and no one will ever see them again, but if you love them, then you have something really special to enjoy in your home and to pass on to your children that they will love and cherish, too.

2.  If you have hired a true professional to take your photos, you can guarantee that you will look amazing –  no matter what.  Photographers use their talent, creativity, awesome lighting, flattering angles, flattering posing and Photoshop to create wonderful portraits of you and your loved ones.  I have plucked moms out of the background and thrown them into photos so many times without any preparation whatsoever and created images that they not only loved but shared on social media and purchased to hang on the walls of their home.

3.  Your kids will adore the photos they have with you more than they will love photos of themselves alone.  As much as we love baby photos of ourselves and as important as they are to have, nothing is better than pictures with the people we love the most.

Here are some perfect examples of parents I’ve coaxed into photos over the years.  Enjoy!

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