6 month baby portraits in Rocklin CA

6 Month Baby Portraits at Springview Johnson Park in Rocklin

My family came for a visit from Washington, so I obviously had to take some family photos while they were here.  None of the ones that I was in will ever see the light of day, but my sister in law, nephew and mom got some great shots with Luna for her milestone session.  She’s already 8 months old in these photos!  Completely cliche to say, but its crazy how fast it goes.

Shortly after this visit, I got super sick with the flu, knew right away that my nephew gave it to me and started to realize how sick the poor little guy was while he was here.  It’s sort of shocking how much kids can do despite an illness.  I was bedridden and felt like I was dying for over a week, but Atreyu went with us to the train museum, Funderland, the park, shopping and multiple other outings spanning the week that he was here.  Now I feel really bad knowing how crazy sick he was, but he had the time of his life.

Little Luna has obviously changed so much since I saw her last.  She was only 10 weeks old then.  Her sweet personality is still the same, but now she smiles and giggles all the time.  She hung out with us on all of our adventures without any melt downs, except in the car.  As soon as she’s in the car seat, there’s nothing anyone can do to make her happy.  Her favorite part of the trip, however, had to be my old Cabbage Patch Doll.  It looks just like her!  So, she adopted it, papers and all.  Remember the adoption papers?  With the crazy names?  Definitely took me back to my childhood.

What toy or experience with your kids has transported you back to your childhood?  Let me know in the comments below.

I can’t wait to see them again.  Next time I’ll be driving up to Washington for Luna’s first birthday!  I’m sure I’ll be posting photos from that as well, so stay tuned…  If you want to see behind the scenes photos or photos from my drive up there, follow me on Instagram – @crystaljonesphotography

To see Luna’s newborn photos, click here.


6 month baby portraits in Rocklin CA

6 month baby portraits in Rocklin CA

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