I’m Crystal.

I’ve been photographing people professionally since 2008.  I got a degree in photography, which is unheard of, I know, but it was such a huge turning point in my life that I’m really grateful for the experience.

Finding photography filled a gap in my life, it makes me feel fulfilled and I feel lucky for that.

My purpose with every shoot I do is to capture worthwhile moments that, later on, will give you a good feeling when you look at them.  Especially if you remember the day of your shoot as having been a great experience.  That is what I hope to deliver to you.

Crystal eases any fears with her calm demeanor, not to mention the patience she has with children. I think my biggest fear when we have our photos taken is whether or not my kids are going to cooperate during the session. Session fees can get expensive and one hopes that it does not become a waste of money or time, especially if the kids don’t smile or listen to the photographer. Crystal is more than willing to wait out the kid’s meltdowns/tantrums until they are camera ready, or she takes that meltdown opportunity and runs with it.

– Nicole Thomas

About the Session

I’m just going to be real and let you know beforehand – photoshoots with kids can be a little crazy.

There may be some meltdowns, shyness, fake smiles, toddlers running away and so much more.

Yet, in the midst of all the chaos, somehow, magic happens.  Every single time.

Any number of random things create these amazing moments during our session – dad makes a joke, I run after your toddler, or grandma dances around and we get that glorious smile, an adorable giggle, or a huge laugh.  These are the moments I live for and that make your session more than just a series of posed photos.

Sometimes kids just need a minute and I’m more than happy to give them that time in order to get the magic afterwards.

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