Charming Nursery for a Baby Girl in Rocklin CA

How to mix handmade items, thrift store finds and big box store items to create a cohesive and charming nursery for a baby girl with guest blogger, Sondra Armstrong.

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I was extremely excited to find out that I was having a baby girl since I already have two boys.  I knew I wanted the nursery to be girly but still subtle.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I chose the same colors that were in my wedding and it’s actually my 10 year anniversary this year.  So, I found most of the pieces throughout the house and re-purposed them for the nursery.  The headband holder is actually a candle holder that we painted white.  The roller skates are actually a wax warmer for Scentsy and the aqua box holding all the bows used to be on my desk when I had an office.  I wanted to find the perfect basket to fit on the shelf as part of the decor but also be functional and hold specific items I had in mind.  I ended up finding this rose gold one at Target for $3 after searching everywhere.

Professional Nursery Photos Professional Nursery Photos

These moccasins are so cute that I wanted to display them in a creative way that’s different and unique.  So when I stumbled upon this $3 cake stand from Target, I knew I had to incorporate it into the decor somehow.  I thought it went perfectly with the moccasins and now I have a spot to keep it until her one year cake smash.

Professional Nursery Photos Professional Nursery Photos

The piggy bank was given to me at my baby shower by Olivia’s great grandmother.  Everyone passed it around and added their loose change until it was completely full.  It was such a great gift idea and so easy to execute but also helpful for starting her savings account.

Professional Nursery Photos Professional Nursery Photos

Never ever try this at home as a DIY.  You have been warned.  I didn’t want a traditional changing pad cover, so I decided to make my own. I’m in love with watercolor, which I do as a hobby, so when I saw this fabric on Etsy I knew I had to have it.  I sew on a regular basis, so I figured this project wouldn’t be all that difficult.  I found a pattern on Etsy and it seemed easy enough at first glance.  It’s basically like creating a fitted sheet which is just as hard as folding a fitted sheet.  Ridiculous.

The dresser is a Vintage Facebook find that was only $100.  It was white and needed a paint job and new knobs.  We found the knobs and coral spray paint at Home Depot.  Originally, when my husband spray painted it, he thought it would be cool to make the drawers gray so it would be two toned.  Needless to say, he created more work for himself and eventually painted the drawers coral as well.  When we brought the dresser up to the room, it still didn’t feel complete until we added the changing pad cover which incorporates the coral from the dresser and the peach from the rest of the room.  I can’t believe how perfectly they match.

Professional Nursery Photos Professional Nursery Photos

For the big box store items, I got the crib at Target, the rug at Nordstrom Rack, the crib sheet at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the chalkboard wall collection at Big Lots.  I added in the peach blanket and the striped blanket that I handmade and the gray blanket that I got as a gift to cozy it up and add more color.  The wooden letters that spell her name are from JoAnn’s Fabric and we painted them to match the room.

Professional Nursery Photos Professional Nursery Photos


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