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Getting a family portrait done can be a super stressful experience.  You know that this is going up on your wall for years to come and you want everyone to look amazing.  But how??  How do you coordinate everyone without looking boring or matchy-matchy?  Well, one really simple but amazing idea is to coordinate everyone using all neutrals with one color mixed in for interest, like this:


These outfits are great on their own as well as together.  They have incorporated pattern with all the different stripes, which I love, and texture with the sequins and tutu, which adds depth and interest to your photos.  To take this look to the next level and be even more interesting, you could add in some accessories.  Instead of a striped shirt, mom could switch to a solid black, white or gray and add in a beautiful scarf to complete her look and add more texture.

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Or switch to a blouse with a lower neckline and wear some beautiful statement jewelry:

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The thing to remember when choosing outfits for your family portraits is to remain as timeless as possible.  If you want to enjoy looking at these photos on your walls for years to come, you’ll want to avoid super trendy outfits and accessories.  As always, stay true to your individual style but take it up a notch.  Wear something a little more daring than you normally would or add in an accessory you wouldn’t wear on an average day.  Most of all – Have Fun!  A photo shoot is as much about the experience you have during the session as the pictures afterwards.  You want to look at the photos and remember the fun you had!


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