Business Headshots

Pricing and Information

Traditional Headshot 

One Person Per Image

Great for one individual or an office full of people

One Person:


2-5 People: 

10% off – $135 each

(save $15 per person)

6-10 People:

15% off – $127.50 each

(save $22.50 per person)

11-15 People:

25% off – $112.50 each

(save $37.50 per person)

16-20 People:

35% off – $97.50 each

(save $52.50 per person)

More than 20 People:

Call for a Quote

Each person, team or group will receive one fully retouched image chosen from an online gallery of proofs.

Add a Team Photo (5 people or less) for $200

Add a Group Photo (More than 5 people) for $250

Additional Images: 

$25 each for individuals

$50 each for teams and groups

Sessions are tailored to your business and can take place at a location of your choice or in your office.

I’ll talk with the designated coordinator before the Headshot Day and go over all details to ensure a successful session for everyone.

If you’re in need of multiple team and group photos along with your individual photos, check out the Group Rates below.

Group Photos

Get all the group, team and individual photos you need in one day

Up to 5 People…  $750

Up to 20 People…  $1500 Half Day Rate

More than 20 People… Call for a Quote

Sessions are tailored to your business and can be traditional or more casual.  They can take place outside at a location of your choice or in your office. We’ll talk before the photo shoot to go over all these details and create a session that’s perfect for your business and marketing.

I’ll also go over all of the scheduling and other details with a designated coordinator before the shoot to ensure everything is organized and runs as smoothly as possible.

Images will be shown to you in a private online gallery where you get to choose your favorites for retouching. The session fee includes one retouched image per individual, group and team. You can purchase additional individual images for $25 each and additional team and group photos for $50 each.

Want your images faster?  Same day image selection is available for $500.