How to choose the right maternity and newborn photographer for you

Oh compromise.  We love and hate you at the same time.  It seems no matter what we’re buying in life, there will always be a compromise somewhere in that transaction.  You have to give up one thing to get another.  If you want something quickly, you probably sacrifice some quality.  Conversely, if you want a top notch product, you’re probably going to have to wait.

When you’re making an emotional and expensive purchase, like photography, knowing what’s most important to you about that purchase is crucial so you can compromise in the right places.  No one wants to waste time or money.  No one wants to be disappointed with the process or the final product.  As the consumer it falls on you to do some research and find the right person for you.  But how?  What exactly are you supposed to compare from one photographer to another when each business seems to be wildly different?

First, decide what you absolutely will not compromise on.  What is most important to you about your photos?

  •  Style & Feel of the images
  • Quality (Products & Service)
  • Quantity (Getting more for your money)
  • Service & Having a great experience
  • Speed
  • Price
  • Types of Products offered

Family Maternity Portraits at Dillon Beach

Then compare photographers in your area who can deliver what you will not compromise on.  After that comes the give and take part of your research.

For instance, let’s say Style & Feel of the images and Service & Having a great experience are the most important factors in your decision.  You are likely going to have to pay more to get what you want.  In order to hire someone with experience, who is trustworthy and has a consistent portfolio who you know will capture images of you that are like the ones on their website, then Price will probably be a factor.  Trying to get a less expensive photographer with an OK portfolio to capture images like the other photographer that you LOVE, may end up being a disappointing and nerve wracking experience.  So, are you willing to pay more to get what you want and not have to worry?

Lush Green Maternity Photos in Roseville

Another example would be if you need some Speed in your service.  You put off getting photos done and now you’re on a deadline.  Christmas is only a couple weeks away and you need your session done, photos picked out, holiday cards designed, printed and sent out ASAP.  Chances are it’s going to be difficult to find a photographer that you LOVE who can fit you in and do all of that before your deadline.  You might have to compromise on the Style & Feel of the images and the Quality of Products & Service in order to get everything done in time.

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What I would recommend is to arrange the list above into the order that’s most important to you and start your search.  Once you’ve been looking for a little bit, you’ll start to see what’s realistic and unrealistic about your expectations and what you might have to compromise on to get what you want.  When you find photographers that you like, be sure to read over all the information on their website to make sure they fit your needs.  Most photographers have an “About” page, a “FAQ” page, and a “Pricing” page with helpful info.

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If you like what you see, give them a call and ask if they offer a free consultation.  Consultations are great because you’ll know right away if you would enjoy working with them.  You can see if they show up on time and get a feel for their reliability.  Best of all, you can see their products in person.  If Quality Products & Service are important to you, you’ll know right away if they have what you want.

I hope this article was helpful!  Let me know in the comments below what’s most important to you about your photos or if there are any important factors that I missed in my list.

If you’d like to set up a free consultation with me, call me at (916) 837-5955 or email me and I’ll get something set up for you right way.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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