How to coordinate your outfits | Family portraits in Roseville

I think one of the main things my client’s worry about is how to coordinate everyone’s outfits without looking “matchy-matchy.” That 90s/early 2000s look of jeans with white or black shirts is beyond over and a much more sophisticated style has (thankfully) taken over.

We love a layered, patterned, multi-colored, complex coordination of everyone in the photos. Each person looks good on their own, but also together. You can then hang up or display your photos without anything clashing or looking out of place.

It may seem complicated or overwhelming, but let’s break it down in a simple way that makes it easy to recreate.

First – decide on your neutrals. In this case we have black, tan, white and blue jeans. Everyone can wear the neutrals in any combination.

Second – decide on your pop of color. You only want one or two pop colors and not everyone wears them. In this case, the pop of color is mustard and only 2 of the 5 family members are wearing it, but it’s still dominant in the photos.

Third – incorporate some pattern, but not too much. Here we have a plaid and a floral. It keeps the photo interesting but it’s not overwhelming. Especially since, again, only 2 of the 5 family members have a dominant pattern showing. I also love that the floral pattern has colors that complement the overall look but aren’t matching exactly with everything else. It creates complexity and makes the photos fun to look at, keeping us from getting bored when looking at them over and over again.

Fourth – add in layers and textures for depth. The girls in these photos have on tutus that are texture rich and also have layers, but are neutral so they don’t compete with the rest of the outfits. They flow with everything. One of the girls also has rhinestones on her neutral shirt, giving us more visual interest. Then we have mom, who is wearing a beautiful chunky vest and bell sleeves. It’s pretty and it’s fun to look at, but not overwhelming because she’s not wearing any patterns.

Fifth – shoes. Shoes are so important for the overall look of your photos. You could be wearing the most gorgeous coordinated outfits, but if you have your son in old beat up tennis shoes, it’s not going to read how you want it to. Break out your best shoes for the shoot and you’ll be so happy you did.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to add some humor into your shoot. You’ll look back years from now and genuinely laugh. These parents are WSU alumni and are paying homage to Cougar’s player, Minshew’s, legendary mustache. The giggles were priceless.

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