how to get the look you want from your maternity photos

I know it can be scary to hire a photographer without knowing if they can bring to life what you have in your head, which is why doing research is key.

First, I would look around to see what style of photography you like. There’s candid vs posed, highly edited vs natural, dreamy vs realistic, etc, etc. Pinterest and the Instagram Explore tab both have really great search features and you can save the photos you find. The beauty of seeing all the photos together is that you start to see a pattern and you’ll begin to really see what you’re drawn to the most. Pinterest is especially great because you can easily share your inspiration board with you’re photographer without having to text or email a bunch of photos.

Once you know what you like, find a photographer near you that has a style similar to your inspiration photos. It’s unlikely that an artist can or will change their style for your photo shoot, so you want to make sure you’re already on the same page. Once you’ve found that person, before hiring them, take a look at their portfolio across their social media and website to make sure their photos are consistent. A good photographer will have a recognizable style throughout their photos.

If you’re in doubt that the photographer you like can do what you want, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I recently had a client send me a photo done in a studio that she liked and wanted to know if I could do something similar. I don’t really show studio photo shoots on my website, but I am comfortable doing them and was confident I could create the look she wanted, so she hired me. If you’re still iffy, then ask for examples of their work so you know for sure they can rise to the occasion. I’m always happy to show someone a portfolio if they ask.

Then there’s the most fun part – deciding what to wear. My advice, after years of photo shoots, would be to dress to accentuate the best features of your body and stay true to your normal style. It’s so easy to get sucked into that “ideal” image of women we find everywhere and forget what works for us. Once you have your inspiration photos together, look to see what those outfits have in common and then find an outfit or dress that emulates the look you love but flatters you specifically.

One of my recent clients loved the look of a dress that’s form fitting on the belly but flowy at the bottom. Her inspiration photo was of a dress with no sleeves, but she didn’t want her arms showing, so she found the same look except with sleeves and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Finding your inspiration and then making adjustments so that you feel your most beautiful and comfortable is the key to getting photos you love.

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