Landon Turns 10!

I’ve been friends with Landon’s mom since high school and when I became a photographer, she was one of the first people to trust me to photograph her family. She had just gotten married and was pregnant, so it worked out perfectly that I would be able to photograph her pregnancy and practice my skills at the same time.

Just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean they’ll be your client or that they’re obligated to even try out your services. I’ve had plenty of friends choose other photographers over the years or come to me a couple times and then go to someone else. There are so many factors that go into choosing a photographer and I understand if a friend or acquaintance goes to someone else.

That being said, it really means something to me when my friends do choose to come to me, believe in me and support my business. Lisa is one of those people and has ended up being my most loyal client for the last 10 years. There were plenty of times where other people offered to photograph Landon and offered her special deals, but she never wavered and has come to me at every milestone for all this time. It truly means the world to me that she’s not just one of my best friends, but also believes in me and my business and trusts me to capture all these special moments.

Enjoy this little collage I made of Landon’s first 10 years in the world and a few more at the bottom from our latest session. Cheers to the next 10 and more.

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