Lovely Backyard Wedding | Traveling Photographer

As I’m driving north from Spokane to Sandpoint to shoot this wedding, I’m slowly transported back to some of the most magical times in my life. Lake days, cute boys, perfect weather, and nights out. The years I drove down this same highway in my Honda Civic with the windows rolled down listening to great music, feeling so free and excited about what’s to come.

I was definitely feeling sad for the time that’s passed and wishing I could go back to when I felt so limitless, but as I pulled up to the property and was greeted by friends I’ve had for over 20 years, I realized something. In another 20 years I’ll be looking back on this day remembering good times and wishing I could go back.

We’re in a constant state of making new memories. That’s part of why I love photos. It’s proof of the good times. Proof that at all times of your life, no matter what else was going on, there are good moments and things you’ll look back on and smile.

Here’s my beautiful friend, Keely with her husband, Alan and her family that I’ve known and loved for more than half my life. Cheers to these new memories that I hope she looks back on fondly thinking about the “good old days.”

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