Neutral Nursery for a Baby Girl

How to create a beautiful neutral nursery for a baby girl with guest blogger Natalie N.


When I found out I was having a baby girl, I immediately knew I did not want a pink filled traditional nursery.  I wanted something more sophisticated and eclectic with personal touches from me.  It was also important to me that she have furniture she can grow into and use for her entire childhood and teenage years.  This way we aren’t having to constantly update and redo her room as she moves through the different stages of her life.


I love unique finds like this humming bird mobile mixed with family heirlooms like the painting of the baby that was given to me by my mother.

professional-nursery-photos-004 professional-nursery-photos-005 professional-nursery-photos-006professional-nursery-photos-007

The butterfly photos were given to me by a friend and I love how they’re neutral and fit in with the room but also add a little bit of color.  I added the throw pillows to tie in the butterfly photos with the bedding which both have pops of gold.

professional-nursery-photos-008 professional-nursery-photos-009professional-nursery-photos-010 professional-nursery-photos-011

I found this dresser at a garage sale and knew immediately that it would be perfect for the nursery.  It’s mid-century modern, which goes with my house overall, and adds a natural element that I adore.

professional-nursery-photos-012 professional-nursery-photos-013 professional-nursery-photos-014

I’m obsessed with organization and knew that creating as much storage as possible would be super important once my baby was born.  I wanted to incorporate a door rack to utilize every inch of space that I have.  It has been a life saver!


See Natalie’s Newborn Photos, including some in the nursery, by clicking here.

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