Outdoor maternity photos with the whole family in Roseville, California

My little nephew, Atreyu is so excited to be a big brother to his new little sister, but he’s also extremely shy and does not like having his picture taken.  Even though we’re family and he loves me, or maybe because of that, there was no forcing him to be in front of the camera.

What we did instead was let him be and didn’t ask him to do anything.  I think the only feeling that can overcome shyness is the feeling of being left out.  I haven’t met anyone in my life who enjoys being left out.  So, eventually, without any coaxing by us, he naturally started being a part of the photos and we got some really cute shots of them as a family.

The family photos aren’t perfectly posed shots with everyone looking at the camera, but the images show who they are as a family and who Atreyu is right now.  I personally love that and I will treasure these photos forever.

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