spring is here, will we get to enjoy it?

Well, during this time, my business would normally be ramping up and getting busy with family photos, senior portraits, and college grad photos, but instead we’re all stuck at home with no end in sight. By the time we’re out of quarantine, I’m guessing it’ll be Summer and really hot outside.

I’m hoping that things will go back to normal relatively quickly after quarantine ends, but who knows? At any rate, if you’re hoping to have these memories captured despite being a little late, I hope you’ll get in touch and come see me once we can. Tell me your story below in the comments. I’d love to know how you’re spending your time at home or how you’re dealing with being an essential worker.

To put a smile on our faces, I’m going to share an extended family session from last Spring. They had the best Spring colors on and we had such a fun time hanging out. They’re a gregarious Italian family, so I’m sure you can imagine what the session was like! Enjoy!

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